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Software Products

Editors and Recording Software
Series 6 logo Series 6 Audio Recording and Editing Software
Still compatible with SADiE 5 Hardware, SADiE 6 software is now able to run natively on Windows computers without the need for dedicated hardware. It remains the most compatible workstation in the world, offering integrated exchange via OMF, AAF, AES-31, Pro Tools...
MTR screen shot SADiE Multi-track Recorder
Dedicated Multi-Track/Dubber 'MTR' interface for PCM-H64, PCM-H128 & LRX2 location recorder

SADiE 5 Legacy Software Bundles and Feature Packs
Please note that these are for existing SADiE 5 installations. Their equivalents are mostly available for SADiE 6 as part of one or more of the SADiE 6 packages.

Mastering Pack Mastering Pack
Red Book CD mastering option, including DDP, Mastering limiter, HiDither, PQ, etc.
Software Feature Pack 1 screen shot Feature Pack 1
Feature Pack 1 is a bundle of software features specifically designed to enhance SADiE Series 5 systems.
Software Feature Pack 1 screen shot Interchange Pack
The SADiE interchange pack enables audio file interchange with virtually every other system in the world.
Autoconform pack screen shot Autoconform Pack
The new SADiE Autoconform pack, in a single stroke, puts SADiE at the forefront of working with file-based location recording devices.

Workflow Automation
VCS integration VCS Integration
Allows SADiE to work with VCS Dira! broadcast production and playout system.

Plug-ins and Software Options
AAF Interchange AAF Interchange
Allows import and export of AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) files
Pro Tools v5.0 Interchange Pro Tools v5.0 Interchange
Allows import and export of Pro Tools v5.0 files for SADiE 5
OMF Interchange OMF Interchange
Allows import and export of OMF (Open Media Framework) files
Mastering Limiter screen shot Mastering Limiter
Unique to SADiE, the Mastering Limiter intelligently limits the audio in order to maintain the peaks at a fixed level.
CD Master SRC CD Master SRC
CD Mastering package with Sample Rate Conversion enables making CD masters from projects with different sample rates.
9-Pin slave control 9-Pin slave control
Software option to allow control of SADiE system via Sony 9-Pin protocol
Video Record/Replay Plug-in Video Record/Replay Plug-in
Software option to allow video recording and replay - includes Matrox Parhelia 256M triple head video card
Hi Dither 96 screen shot HiDither 96
SADiE's HiDither 96 noise-shaping dither plug-in offers 5 different noise shape types, two of which are optimised for 96KHz audio material.
Graphical EQ partial screen shot Graphical EQ
The Graphical EQ is an all-in-one unit comprising 4 individual parametric EQ modules, low pass and high pass filters, master gain, along with a graphical display of the EQ curve.
Multi-CDR screen shot Multi-Session CD-R
The Multi-Session CD-R plug-in allows any SADiE system to write Red Book or Orange Book audio CDs as the first session of a Blue Book or mixed-mode CD.
CEDAR logo CEDAR Software Plug-ins
CEDAR Audio noise reduction software plug-ins for SADiE.
Prism Sound SNS Plug-in Prism Sound SNS Plug-in
Super Noise Shaping (SNS) plug-in for SADiE 5