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SADiE 6 Features

Pack Feature Table:

Option SADiE 6
Playlist Editor yes yes yes yes yes
Trim Editor yes yes yes yes yes
Region Editor yes yes yes yes yes
3-4 Point Editor yes yes yes yes yes
Speech Editor yes yes yes yes yes
VST™ Plugin Support yes yes yes yes yes
Direct-X™ Plugin Support yes yes yes yes yes
MP3 Import/Export yes yes yes yes yes
CD Ripping yes yes yes yes yes
Playlist Automation Edit yes yes yes yes yes
Text EDL Print yes yes yes yes yes
Software Video tools (AVI) yes yes
Quicktime™ Video Support yes yes
Auto-Conform (and Re-Link) yes yes
AES31 File Interchange yes yes yes yes
SADiE 5.6 File Interchange yes yes yes yes yes
M/S Phase yes yes yes yes yes
Surround yes yes yes
9-Pin Master Support yes yes yes yes
9-Pin Slave Support yes yes
PQ Editor yes yes yes yes yes
PQ List Printing yes yes
DDPi Creation/Import yes yes
CD Text yes yes yes yes yes
Mastering Limiter yes yes yes yes
Graphical Parametric Eq. yes yes yes yes
Multi-Session CD Burning yes yes
CD SRC (Real time Sample Rate Convert) yes yes yes yes yes
Hi Dither (Noise Shaping) yes yes yes yes
Prism Sound SNS Noise Shaping yes yes
Technical Support Plugin yes yes yes yes
iZotope Plugin Pack Lite yes
iZotope Plugin Pack yes yes yes yes
VCS Integration Option Option Option Option
CEDAR plugins Option Option Option Option
OMF Interchange Plugin Option Option Option Option
AAF Interchange Plugin Option Option Option Option
yes indicates feature is included or supported,
Option indicates that the feature is available as an option at additional cost.
specifications subject to amendment

The SADiE 6 is available in a range of packages, each designed with a specific application in mind and containing the components and plugins needed for that application. There is also a full package entitled 'Sound Suite' which contains all the SADiE manufactured plugins. The chart to the right shows the components included with each package.

Sound Suite
Sound Suite is the flagship product of the SADiE 6 range and incorporates support for all features and plugins. The other SADiE 6 products are essentially cut down versions of Sound Suite with features deemed un-necessary in their target market removed.

Mastering Suite
Mastering Suite is targeted at audio mastering and therefore doesn't include video components, but does include CD specific tools needed for mastering.

Post Suite
Post Suite is for audio and video post production and includes video support, but not some of the audio and CD mastering tools.

Radio Producer
Radio Producer is aimed at professional radio broadcasters and radio content producers. It supports options such as VCS Dira! (playout server) integration and what are generally regarded as the fastest speech editing tools in the business.

SADiE 6 Professional
SADiE 6 Professional is effectively the freelance version of "Radio Producer" with the same editing tools, but without the capability to be integrated into a playout system such as VCS. Some plugin options are also not available.

In addition to the base SADiE system there is a separate application called Multi-track Recorder (also known by its acronym "MTR") which is a streamlined dedicated recording package specially suited for live recording with high track counts. This is included as standard on the SADIE 6 LiVE LRX2, PCM-H64, and PCM-H128 multi-track systems.

iZotope Plugins
There are two iZotope plugin packs. Which plugins are included depends on the SADiE package. The Radio Producer, Mastering Suite, Post Suite and Sound Suite editions include the full iZotope for SADiE bundle comprising:
SADiE 6 Professional includes the iZotope Lite bundle which includes: